Lithography machine lamp bowl, curved mirror, spherical mirror, compound glasses, convex lens, flat UV mirror

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Curved mirror Lithography machine curved mirror Lithography machine reflector


 Small-sized curved mirrors are available in the following specifications: (* Please scroll left and right to learn more)

Model Specification Camber Use
GRQ530 530*530*15 R2800 Lithography
GRQ500 500*500*12 R3100 Lithography
GRQ450 450*450*10 R3924 Lithography
GRQ418 418*254*8 R553 3D microscope
GRQ400 400*400*10 R3100 Lithography
GRQ350 350*350*10 R552/1685 Lithography
GRQ320 320*320*10 R1685 Lithography
GRQ318 318*318*10 R1000 Lithography
GRQ300 300*300*10 R3924 Lithography
GRQ300 300*300*10 R800 Lithography
GRQ315 315*315*10 R1000 Lithography
GRQ290 290*200*10 R704 Lithography
GRQ260 260*260*10 R1600 Lithography
GRQ180 180*180*10 R1000 Lithography

Lithography machine lamp bowl

Outer diameter φ Center hole φ Height mm Use
325 100 165 Circuit board exposure machine
220 60 90 Exposure machine, touch screen
214 70 97 Exposure machine, touch screen
162 40 73 Lithography
150 45 70 Lithography
144 30 62 Exposure machine, touch screen
140 30 52 Exposure machine, touch screen

Note: Since the circuit board exposure machine uses a large number of LED light sources, our company can make it according to the needs of the user's model, and can also assist in the design.


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