3D Heterosexual Curved Mirror

Spectral curve Technical parameters Base material: borosilicate glass, quartz glass Visible light transmittance: 400~700nm≧85% Infrared light reflectivity: 750~1150nm≧95% Specifications: 380mm×380mm×5mm Note: It can be made according to the user's model

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3D Heterosexual Curved Mirror



Size: 418*254*8 R553
Can be customized according to customer needs, this specification is for the United Kingdom
Our company's aluminum film plus protective film has several major features:
1. The reflectivity of the film layer is high, which can reach 92% at the key curve position.
2. Can be wiped, no pinholes, opaque, surface flawless.
3. The film layer is firm and the service life is long.



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